WELCOME TO THE CULTURAL ÆTHER #9: $1 ppd., 8½” x 5½”, 24 pgs.

Feb 02, 2015

Another visually stunning ish. Collages with text are very precisely done. The texts are longer form this time and have to do with religion, mostly. It kind of bothered me that there is no attribution given to the authors of the texts. The zine’s editor says it is because ideas should be spread, not the author’s fame. I have to say that I liked it better when shorter bits of text were used in the collages. One of the text bits is in such a tiny font that it hurts my eyes. Still, many of the pages are very artfully done and this zine is definitely worth the price. –Lisa Weiss (The Cultural Æther, 2440 E. Tudor Rd. #364, Anchorage, AK 99507)