WELCOME TO NURSING HELL #1 & #2: $4, ½ size, 36 pgs.

May 08, 2013

After reading the mini companion that came with these zines, I was a little worried, but after reading #1 & #2, I was put at ease. Nursing Hell is a great view of a complete turnaround that the author and his partner made in their professional careers. These zines are a keen look at overcoming obstacles with just enough humor to make it comical. Getting what one wants in life and making a plan is covered nicely in the first book. In the second book we see the things nurses do that the common people take for granted. The precision needed just to take blood is covered quite concisely. It shows us that no job is simple on the surface and that it takes time to become proficient. It is still my belief that writing about workplace happenings is therapeutic, and if one reads these pages, it is obvious that the doctor is in. –Gary Hornberger (welcometonursingHELLo.com)