WEIRDOS: We Got the Neutron Bomb: Weird World Volume 2: CD

Aug 27, 2009

A second helping of rarities and such from this, arguably LA’s first (and in the top three of the “best” category) official punk rock band. While it is easy to start complaining about what is included (yet another, albeit differently mixed, version of “Neutron Bomb,” and a rehearsal take of “I’m Not Like You,” a studio version of which was included on Volume One) and what isn’t (“Why Do You Exist” is conspicuously absent, making it the only remaining track from the Destroy All Music 7-inch on neither volume of this series; their take on the Door’s “Break on Through” or any versions of live favorites “Do the Dance” or “I’m a Mole”), there are more than enough goodies to keep fans’ appetites sated, such as Denny Brothers’ “solo” work like “Skateboards from Hell” and a track or two from their Warhead 12-inch, an early rehearsal with Dave Trout in tow for a run-through of “I Want What I Want,” alternate takes of previously released tuneage and unreleased live songs that appear nowhere else in any form. Plus, it’s the Weirdos, for chrissake, so you know going in that, no matter what, the proceedings are gonna be at worst top notch. I’m not gonna rip into you about what utter wannabes you’re gonna look like if you don’t soon have a copy of this in your collection, ‘cause I think that little fact is glaringly obvious.

 –jimmy (Frontier)

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