WEIRD TV: Self-titled: Cassette

May 27, 2011

Man, there’s a slight pop sensibility applied to these riffs that definitely didn’t come across in the live show. The vocals sound a lot more level and less growly than live, which, until now, has been the only way I’ve experienced Weird TV. This band is made up of some really cool kids from Olympia that are all about hardcore, fanzines, and, apparently, chola culture. I would highly recommend this for fans of Fire Party, the Gits, or even Spitboy. The cover of “Gloria” is sheer brilliance. This tape is punk as fuck and makes me feel the way I used to feel when listening to my Demon System 13 tape: on edge and ready to push someone. I hadn’t heard it since I saw them play and now I’m wishing I could turn back time and do it all over again.

 –Rene Navarro (Self-released)