Nov 27, 2012

I would not be able to defend this next choice of words particularly well under stringent cross-examination, but, for some reason, i want to say that this sounds like a cross between Bullet LaVolta ((Steel Pole Bathtub?)) and Elvis Hitler. I really did not think much of this the first time i played it, but on second spin it seems okay. Apparently their genius marketing stratagem of having tits on the front cover AND the record label is softening my psychic defenses. BEST SONG: “Cockroach Heart” BEST SONG TITLE: Either “Cockroach Heart,” “Turkish Detergent” or “Itinerant Romeo.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Run-off grooves on both sides are inscribed with the phrase “RIP BUGGY,” unless it actually says “NIP BUGGY,” which it might.

 –norb (Sex & Death)

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