WEIRD PARTY: Honey Slides: 7” single

Decent single here. “Honey Sides” is a pretty straight forward garage-style song that has a little bit of attitude, but not enough to be convincing when you’re singing about being a maniac. If you’re going to sing about it, play like you are. A little more fire and abandon is needed to send this song over the edge. The flipside, “Sarah Palin” is better. It has more going on to hold your interest and warrant repeat listens. The low end that comes in with a thud at the beginning is what grabbed me. The vocals during the chorus hinge on Doc Dart at times, which is cool. I like how the chorus contrasts with the rest of the song and is effective at hooking you in. Never thought I’d like anything with Sarah Palin’s name on it, but this is a pretty good song. Is it about her? I have no idea. But they say, “Her eyes are filled with terror baby / It smells like the stench of a dead cow.”

 –M.Avrg (Sex & Death,