Sep 22, 2009

I'm not the only one around Razorcake HQ who's a fan of the Weird Lovemakers. Several contributors sing the praises of these guys. I'm just the only one who reviews the WLM's albums because I go to the post office everyday and I know what comes in before anyone else does and I'm selfish when it comes to the Weird Lovemakers. So I snatched up "Must Die" and have been listening to it incessantly. It's like being a little kid and watching the first episode of the "A-Team" - full of explosions and impossible stunts and welding torches and big, powerful, destructive machines made from the most unlikely crap you can find in the garage. It's not like an "A-Team" episode, though, in the sense that it's completely devoid of bad acting, and the writing on "Must Die" is actually pretty good. This album was originally scheduled to be released in June. Now it's been pushed back to August. I'd suggest sending advance orders in to Empty just to pressure them to release this four-headed punk rock monster as soon as possible.

 –sean (Empty)