WEERD SCIENCE: Friends and Nervous Breakdowns: CD

Jul 22, 2006

“How come every record I’m on ends up in the 99 cent bin?”

Dear Josh,

Good question and thanks for asking. If you had asked it sooner and not had to record and release a record to get the question to me (you know, I have a PO Box, a website, an email address, you probably could have gotten my phone number through one of the few degrees of separation that exist between us), I could have saved all of us a lot of work and suffering. The answer is easy, dude. This album will wind up in 99 cent bins because:

You play in Coheed And Cambria and you’re rapping.

No self-esteem set to beats doesn’t fly very well. I won’t argue that all rap has to be boasting or conscious (not every motherfucker can be Slick Rick or Sage Francis), but self-deprecation gets boring quickly, regardless of genre. If you want to keep your records out of the cheapo bins, may I suggest playing an acoustic guitar? Conor Oberst and Chris Carrabba seem to have done okay with that instrument.

While you touch on similar topics, your name isn’t Eminem and you didn’t come from 8 Mile. Your name is Josh and you came from Kingston, which is about halfway between Albany and New York. Sure, you can rap about anything, but rhymes about being a bored suburban cracker from New York state really aren’t that interesting.

Once again, thanks for asking. Others seeking advice don’t need to go to such extremes to get my attention. You can just write me care of Razorcake and I’ll happily answer your questions.  –scott (Equal Vision)

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