WEEN: Shinola: Volume 1: CD

Nov 28, 2006

Ween has always had a way to make fans out of people across any genre boundary. When I saw them (almost ten years ago now), there were preppy college kids, gutter punks, hippies, and weirdos galore. Everyone got along, and, beyond that, were happy. Beaming, even. Now it seems that Ween has turned from creating a sound that a variety of fans will like to creating a multitude of sounds that people can align themselves with. Songs range in mood and feel from Billy Ocean (“Boys Club”) to Thin Lizzy mixed with Dire Straits (“Gabrielle”) to even Ween (“Big Fat Fuck”). This style-shifting left me feeling a bit conflicted and, at times, even pained, by trying to follow it. And, wait, was that a pan flute right after that jazz solo? Oh, yes. Yes it was. Beaming I am not, but I am still a bit intrigued.

 –megan (Chogodog)