Weekly Video Roundup for 9/23/2012: featuring Spokenest, Custody Battle, Ugly Kids and more By Candice

Sep 23, 2012

In case you thought I'd go a week without mentioning it, our Awesome Fest 6 playlist is currently bursting at the seams with 65 videos, SEVEN of which are the goddamn Bananas alone. That is nearly THREE HOURS worth of punk rock. So don't say we never did nothin' for ya.

Say, what's happening with our buddies in Pomona? Well, we've got Nude Beach playing a new song:

Ugly Kids wrap it up!

The Barf House hosts some appropriately sludgy punk.
First is Spokenest, featuring Daryl and Adrian of God Equals Genocide.

Custody Battle will tear your face off in seventy-four seconds or less.

Check out the pretty lights down in Tempe. Robot (re)pair play Benzodiazapine and blow my mind a little.

If you're looking for something a little more hardcore, I'd suggest Gay Kiss instead.

And if all that isn't enough, our youtube channel is quickly approaching the 1,000 video threshold, so you really have nothing to complain about. Go find some good music!