Weekly Video Roundup for 9/16/12: featuring The Estranged, Red Dons and more By Candice

Sep 16, 2012

Awesome Fest may be over, but there is still plenty of video evidence to upload for the internet at large.

I hope you like videos of Davey Quinn! Because here are two.
Dan Padilla, captured on glorious "video, man! it's the thing of the future!"

And here's Tiltwheel, bringing Awesome Fest down to a close.

Too many Awesome Fest videos? Need a change of scenery? Alright, fine. Here's what's going on in slightly-more-northern Southern California!

City Mouse @ the Blue Star, DTLA:

The Red Dons are appropriately lit at VLHS in Pomona:

Finally, feast upon the excellence that is The Estranged at VLHS. I can tell you I'm replaying the shit outta this one.

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