Weekly Video Roundup for 8/19/2012: featuring Future Virgins, Dear Landlord, and Shaved Christ By Candice

Aug 19, 2012

With the help of a few dedicated volunteers and some cheap flip-cams, Razorcake now has a steady stream of sweaty punk shows uploaded almost daily from all over the country! It's beautiful, really. So why should I tell you about only one cool show you missed a week? Instead, I am now going to tell you about several!

First stop: VLHS for a reading/acoustic set. Todd Taylor reads the chapter "We Called It War" from his upcoming novel, The Insect King:

Keith Rosson, Rob and Danielle Taxpayer also read from their works and The Taxpayers performed! Have we got video of that in a nifty playlist? Of course we do! 

Here are the Future Virgins killing it dead at the Blue Star:

Was that not enough?  Because the sick business continued with Madison Bloodbath, Dear Landlord, and The Murderburgers.

Speaking of Dear Landlord, here they are in Scottsdale:

These very intense sprinkles on your delicious sundae of videos are actually Shaved Christ playing in Atlanta:

Okay, this should keep you busy for a while. Until next week, satiate yourself with fresh videos.