Weekly Video Roundup for 1/27/13: featuring Payoff, Bent Left, David Markey, The Chain and more! By Candice

Jan 27, 2013

Perhaps you've been longing to get more raw, behind-the-scenes footage from which beautiful interviews spring forth in our paper magazine. Today you are in luck! Recently posted are two such videos.

In our first clip, the ladies from Bombon stop by HQ for an interview and Todd asks for help with some Spanish.

The giggling jerks in White Night talk about flipping their van. FYI: Snow chains are illegal in some northern states!

Now, to VLHS, where Bent Left turns the scruff factor down by just a few degrees.

Payoff spreads things out with slightly more angular melodies.

David Markey reads the excerpt We Got Nothing from We Got Power, a book compiling the legendary LA hardcore zine.

Some dirty, anthemic punk is happening right here, thanks to The Chain.

Blink and you might miss King Walrus and the Magicians, as they are only lit by the flashes of other people in the crowd taking pictures. Good surf punk doesn't NEED visuals, man!

Shellshag, on the other hand, I can definitely see. They are jamming hard to an excited crowd. You can pretend to be one of them, right now!

Raein are Italian which is why all their song titles sound like beautiful poems. Their music is beautiful more in a post-hardcore, screamo way, and less in a sonnet-y, "shall i compare thee to a summer's day" sort of thing.

For even more live videos - from Italian screamo to surfy pop-punk - you can browse the digital shelves of our youtube channel.