Weekly Video Roundup for 12/16/12: featuring Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits and more! By Candice

Dec 16, 2012

Currently I'm looking for my socks, because they've been knocked off by the vast amount of amazing videos we've pulled off the flip cams in the past week. But there's no time! I've got so much to cover, I'll continue on in bare feet. Let's dive right in.

We had our issue 71 release party at Permanent Records with featured artists Bombon! It was a swingin' good time. They kicked ass in their subtly coordinated outfits.

Death Hymn Number 9 were also on hand to provide a slightly more insane edge to surf rock. Maybe it's the makeup, but that is the happiest drummer I've ever seen.

Day three of Subversion Vol. 1 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse has been documented in all its glory by J. Federico! We have one hell of an intense playlist featuring Neo Cons, Replica, and more. Check out Hoax and see if you can handle it first, though.

J. Federico is right, Male Nurses is an excellent name.

Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits played their first show at VLHS! Join the celebratory dance party.

Do you need a minute to catch your breath? Sorry, there's no time. I've still got so much more to show you!

The Babies do their spacey, jammy thing in a pleasing blue/gray palette:

Today in Band Member T-Shirts: the bass player in Hard Girls is sporting Mitch Clem's What Would Henry Rollins Do? t-shirt, the drummer's wearing a home-made (?) Crass Crew shirt, while the guitarist is rocking a Pulp t-shirt. Well done, sirs!

Miski of City Mouse plays the fantastic song "You" on an acoustic guitar marked Shitfart!

In the same impromptu, acoustic spirit (actually, on the same guitar, also at Fort Loko with Miski) is International Dipshit. Bonus cute bulldog intro!

More videos are literally poring into the feed as I type this. Even I cannot keep up with all this content. Best to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get every single video!