Weekly Video Roundup for 1/20/13: featuring Rough Kids, Moxiebeat and The Dudikoffs By Candice

Jan 20, 2013

I have to warn you: this week's injection of video goodness is gonna be a quick one. It's alright though, because these three videos kick ass at the rate of about... *calculates* 1.988 videos each, which works out to about 5.964 videos total. That's much closer to your recommended daily serving size of punk rock youtube videos.
If you're still feeling hungry, more than 1100 of these suckers are available for your basic survival needs.

Matt Average is a big fan of Rough Kids, and I can see why. Dangerous guitars with riffs that slice like knives, bouncy rhythms and a drummer that makes a mean-as-hell face while he plays. Check out the last song from their record release show early this month and I think you'll agree with Mr. Average (and me).

Marty brings some atmosphere to this Moxiebeat video, stark black and white coupled with religious imagery makes for a lovely fit with the screaming rush of a performance. Note: neither I nor Razorcake are responsible for any damage done to your computer speakers.

Today's dose ends with The Dudikoffs having a blast while playing VLHS. Let this catchy, frothy goodness send you out into the world for another week feeling like you can handle any shit that comes your way.