Weekly Video Roundup for 11/4/12: Fest or Famine edition By Candice

Nov 04, 2012

Remember how last week there were no new videos to round up? Timing certainly works in mysterious ways. Turns out, the end of October was pretty full of events, who knew?? Something something feast (FEST!) or famine. There's been quite the deluge of videos in the past few days, and I wade through 'em all to give you the good scoop.

The dust has finally settled, and videos from Fest are rollin' in. So far, our Fest 11 playlist has 16 videos, but you can be sure that ain't all. Here are some highlights so far:

Iron Chic, playing a pre-Fest "warmup"

Party Marty totally recommends Maladroit, from France. One listen and you'll dig 'em too.

While Off With Their Heads played, Todd was mesmerized by the crowd "like yeast attacking sugars" for the whole set. Ryan stagedives at the end and nearly gets dropped on his damn head.

Fucking Shellshag. End of commentary.

RVIVR with bonus Phil backup vocals!

In non-Fest news, there's an election fast approaching! Razorcake participated in a Rock The Vote registration event at the East LA Civic Center Ampitheater, and Summer Vacation were kind enough to rock the fuck out with us and the ducks in the moat. Here's what we've got of their set:

Tiffany Sucks

Team Captain

Blue Dream

Okay, that should be enough videos for one lazy Sunday. Don't forget to vote Tuesday!