Weekly Video Roundup for 1/13/13: with American Lies, Dubois, Undercover Monsters and more By Candice

Jan 13, 2013

It's 2013! It's true, we made it. The future is here, and it brings with it great promise of more excellent DIY punk!

Limp Wrist played to a packed house of considerate slam dancing folks at Sub-Mission Gallery just before January.

American Lies stopped by VLHS which Marty has captured in all its sepia-toned glory.

The Albert Square get all intense and melodic.

Toby Foster is just one man with a guitar, but he's hypnotic to watch.

Pizza Wolf plays gnarly pop punk in pizza t-shirts. The world makes sense to me.

Dubois are bringing the (ware)house down with some gruff-ass, molten hardcore.

Undercover Monsters are catchy and dirty and fun. Let them set their snake hooks in you!

More live footage from Subversion Vol. 1! Be careful, the Neo Cons will do some major aural damage.

Double dip from the Blood Orange Infoshop: Hot Tears and Ragana provide contrasting, intense musical experiences with delicate guitar work.

If you've got a video craving, I bet we can quench it. Our youtube channel's got all the goods.