Weekly Video Roundup for 11/25/12: featuring Rations, Shovel & Gun, The Bertos and more By Candice

Nov 25, 2012

I'd like to start this week's roundup by mentioning again how thankful Razorcake is for everyone who's donated in the past year. Being a non-profit in the punk world can sometimes be a double kick in the nuts, and every little bit of support we get really makes a difference. Next week, our new donation video will be up, and we're pretty psyched about the incentives this year. For now though, we just wanna say Thanks.

We are also thankful for all our videographers who make these posts possible. It's not easy to hold that flip cam steady, instead of bouncing around with the rest of the crowd! Their efforts mean you get to sit on your butt and watch amazing bands you otherwise may never have heard about. They are the true heroes of our lazy afternoons, lunch hours, and late nights when we just want a good song to keep us occupied. So let's take a peek at what our tireless heroes have captured this week!

Rations played the Shit Fuck House in Brookhaven, NY and now I want to get my ass to the Shit Fuck House.

Shovel & Gun rip it up in Pomona. Marty grabs an awesome guitar solo shot 2:07.

I think I'm in love with Vacation, their weird cat makeup and soaring guitars.

If you've read issue #70, you don't need me to tell you how awesome Wreck of the Zephyr are.

The Bertos dare you to keep this song out of your head.

Two Cow Garage!

The Copyrights: Trustees of Modern Chemistry

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