Weekly Video Roundup for 11/18/12: featuring Murmurs, Terrible Feelings, and more By Candice

Nov 18, 2012

It's been one of those weeks. Crawling to the finish line, beaten down and out of breath. The only cure I know for such exhaustion is a healthy dose of DIY punk rock. Shall we?

Murmurs had one hell of a long road getting to Pomona. Can you feel the anger as they play the fuck out of their instruments? They get Marty's vote for favorite new band of 2012.

Terrible Feelings makes me covet a leather fringe jacket, for some reason.

Freedom Club
are very hungover, but make it happen anyway!

Edhochuli brings this week to a close with one epic song.

That's all the video I've got 'til next week. Until then, stay updated by subscribing to our YouTube channel! You'll thank me later.