Weekly Video Roundup for 11/11/12: featuring Glenn, Dukes of Hillsborough, The Tim Version and more By Candice

Nov 11, 2012

Before we get too deep into videos, first it's about time we say Thank You. Razorcake was able to buy some critical new equipment thanks to everyone who donated last year! Here's our dumb way of saying thanks. Clap it, slap it, enjoy. You'll wanna stay tuned,  our 2012 donation solicitation video is coming up real soon, and the incentives this year are nothing short of amazing.

Now, onward to the music! Our ever-expanding Fest 2012 Playlist is now up to 38 videos. Here's what's fresh off the flip cam:

Grabass Charlestons get the ladies screaming at 2:30.

Glenn's dance-tastic set at The Allsets Halloween Party. Great eye candy for those of you who like punk rockers in costume.

I could listen to The Brokedowns slayin' it all goddamn day.

Dukes of Hillsborough, with a bonus appearance by the back of Todd's head!

Whew! After all that, why don't we catch our breath, sit down take a sip of Whiskey & Co?

The Tim Version's gonna wrap it up.

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