Weekly Video Roundup for 10/7/12: featuring RVIVR, Casket Life, Wreck of the Zephyr and more By Candice

Oct 07, 2012

I'm trying not to be too down about summer ending. The warm weather and long days may be fading, but there's actually been a lot to celebrate lately. For instance, in this post alone: our issue release party, Casket Life's final show, and Party Marty's sober anniversary! Plus, there's still Fest to be psyched about AND Razorcake's annual donation drive. Plenty to look forward to before another year is gone.
For now though, let's just turn up the music and forget what time of year it is.

Wreck of the Zephyr blew our issue release party to pieces. Watch Dave (the drummer)'s arms at the beginning. They may be defying some basic laws of physics.

Casket Life played their final show at the Yucca Tap Room, and Johnny Volume gets desvered props for capturing it all.

RVIVR made the SoCal rounds, playing VLHS and Che Cafe in San Diego.

American Lies hit up VLHS as well, playing with RVIVR at Marty Ploy's 2 year sober party. If there's a better way to celebrate, I don't know or wanna know what it is.

Good times in Pomona were also provided by The Sidekicks:

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