Weekly Video Roundup for 10/28/12: Fest edition! By Candice

Oct 28, 2012

If you were feeling left out of all the shenanigans happening in Gainesville right now, I have some good news.

You can travel back in time to last year's Fest 10 with our handy youtube playlist! 49 videos, with bands the likes of Toys That Kill, Off With Their Heads, Defiance, Ohio, RVIVR, Dillinger Four, Screaming Females, Grabass Charlestons, and way more.

What's great is, this version of Fest comes with a pause button, perfect for things like drinking, eating, or even sleeping. Way better than the real thing, I tell you! Who needs crowds??

PS. No new videos to share with you this week, but we are cooking up some special things for you to see soon!