WEEKEND NACHOS: Two Things at Once: LP

Hey Peabody, set the wayback machine to 2005 for a bit, then we’ll move up to 2010 for more audio brutality. This album collects two EPs from Weekend Nachos. This shit is heavier than hell, akin to playing your Infest records at a slow speed, or better yet, Neanderthal at a slower speed. Dense, forceful, and moves with a deliberate, slow gait. The first side consists of their Torture EP, originally released in 2005. This is some slow, grinding (not grindcore) stuff that works at wearing you down to a fleshy puddle. It’s as though they studied Noothgrush and Man Is The Bastard while simultaneously listening to the aforementioned Infest and Neanderthal. There’s some mid tempo, but, for the most part, it’s sludge. They really slow it down on the Bleed EP from 2010 (which makes up the second side of this LP). Songs trudge in iron boots across muddy fields as smoke rises from burning bodies type stuff. They pick up the pace here and there, but it’s more to create a tension and break the spell of the slow. Here are two reasons why the Weekend Nachos have a rep among the fans of powerviolence.

 –M.Avrg (Cowabunga, cowabungarecords.com)