WEEKEND NACHOS: Black Earth: 7”

May 27, 2011

I’ve been lucky enough to see Weekend Nachos several times and hear them evolve from being a pretty by-the-books (but still heavy as all hell) power violence band, to a band with a distinct aesthetic that they’ve cultivated over the course of two full lengths and a few EPs. The band is good at writing interesting riffs and surprising changes, but they manage to make it all feel natural and still fall on a line right in the middle of Infest and Integrity. The three new tracks on this 7” are pummeling, and the re-recording of “Priorities” from This Comp. Kills Fascists blows away the original. I feel like the vocals cut through on this recording better than on the previous ones, and the recording has a good raw edge to it without sacrificing any of the character of the songs.

 –Ian Wise (A389)