WEEGS, THE: Meat the Weegs: CD

Jul 09, 2007

Skronk rock that sounds like it was concocted from a brew of early Pere Ubu, Birthday Party, a healthy helping of no wave and maybe just a pinch of death rock for color. A beautiful example of its ilk, but it’s kinda annoying trying to figure out song titles. A “secret track” explains how the Beatles’ infamous “butcher baby” cover was an idea actually stolen from the Weegs and faults a “total Beatle eclipse” (begun when Paul McCartney was killed and an imposter was put in his position) as the cause for Bush’s election, terrorism and 9/11. A triple bill featuring Lost Sounds, Melt Banana, and these guys would no doubt be one harrowing experience.

 –jimmy (Hungry Eye)