Sep 25, 2007

Some bands out there have one thing going for them that they do really well. For instance, a band can be really good at articulating how angry they are at the way the world is right now. Some bands out there are really going at conveying how much fun they are having being young and in a punk rock band. There are others still who can write the catchiest of songs that stick in your head for days and days (in a good way) and there are bands who can hit the stage and obliterate it with the strength of a ICBM… Now if you’re the Wednesday Night Heroes, you are all of the above and more. Guilty Pleasures is just the latest offering from one of the hardest working bands in North America today. One anthem after another. They speak volumes about taking things seriously, but have fun at the same time. Nothing guilty about this pleasure here!

 –ty (BYO)