Weapons of Mass Instruction, Live: By Greg Palast (Audio Book CD) By Todd Taylor

Aug 06, 2007

In politics, the number two most important thing you can have is information. Unfortunately, the number one thing is money, so access to number two often proves difficult. It’s no surprise that those who control the parties of the jackass and the elephant in America benefit when you and I – common schlubs – don’t know the real story. Often times, we just don’t have the access, time, or ability to do freelance muckraking, and it’s this reason that Greg Palast is such a valuable asset. He’s an American investigative journalist, in the tradition of George Seldes, currently in England, covering how absolutely corrupt how modern politics is. I came across him through his excellent book The Best Democracy Can Buy, which I also highly recommend. The thing that’s great about Palast is that he’s not much a theorist. You can’t call something a conspiracy theory when he has the documents in his hands, documents that should have been destroyed. Documents that should never dropped out of the loop. He’s the guy with the data, the lists, the evidence. Were Black Floridian voters “scrubbed” off the election lists? Yes. A scan of portions of those lists accompany this CD. He also has the internal documents, has contacted the data company responsible for the scrubbing, and shows you how they trampled ripshod over people’s rights to vote. And so it goes this CD. Greg Palast tells twenty-one stories, all foot-noted and cross-referenced. Do diamond companies go in and squash riots with bloodshed? Yes. Arm your anger with information. http://www.gregpalast.com/ is great place to start. Crucial CD. –Todd (AK Press, 674A 23rd St., Oakland, CA 94612; http://www.akpress.org/)

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