WEAKENDS, THE: Self-titled: LP

After seeing its bizarre, sepia-toned cover image (a kid wearing an all-brown outfit and what appears to be a Goofy mask, standing in what I’d guess to be a petting zoo corral), I was prepared for this stuff to be mind-fucking ‘80s-style hardcore that would threaten to traumatize me. Instead, it is unpolished garage-blues/rockabilly from a French three-piece—a pretty far cry from the Pissed Jeans brethren I expected. The Weakends’ aching vocals, clattering drums, thick bass lines, and trembling guitar tones turn this into a decent experience, but it is lacking a certain punch to make it memorable. The highlight is the creepy screeches of “Dawn of the Dead,” a song that borders on kitschy but it’s too over the top.

 –Reyan (Rob’s House, robshouserecords.com)