WEAK TEETH: What a Plague You Are: LP

Jan 19, 2012

While their output of releases is small, Weak Teeth have shown a dramatic evolution as a band. That evolution hits its pinnacle on their debut LP, with an album that feels like the mature release of a band that has finally found their sound. Leaving behind their early d-beat vibe, Weak Teeth have embraced a sound that is simultaneously more melodic and more dissonant and noisy than past efforts. There is a strong vibe of early ‘00s bands like Modern Life Is War, but Weak Teeth never sound like a clone of those bands. This is melodic and noisy hardcore with catchy riffs and strong hooks, complemented by tight and technical drums, and excellent lead and backing vocals. Add to this the smart, sarcastic, and perhaps a bit cynical lyrics by vocalist/bassist Mike Pagano, and the result is a superb hardcore record.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Tor Johnson, [email protected])

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