WE WILL BURY YOU: By Grant, Grant & Strahm, $17.99 By Gary

Jun 03, 2011

Our culture has a new fascination with zombies, and this comic takes that fascination and runs with it. Of course, one always needs to run when they’re being chased by the undead. This comic has wrapped up all the anxiety of playing keep away while maintaining civility with those who can possibly offer help, even if they are the police, the army, or circus people. The dark color and tone of the book help it to deliver the point that one doesn’t fuck around with zombies. Unfortunately, some likeable characters go by the wayside, but, hey, what monster movie ever spares people? Creeps abound in this terror trip to the docks, but oh what fun it is. If zombies are your thing, you’re going to want this book for your collection. (IDW Publishing, Editorial offices, 5080 Santa Fe St., San Diego, CA 92109, idwpublishing.com)

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