WE MARCH: The Madness Ends Here: CD

Aug 15, 2006

We March are a little harder to pin down than your average punk band. Sure, they plunder early American hardcore with the same deftness as bands like The Regulations, and they can no doubt lay waste to a crowd with the best of ’em (these guys on a double bill with the aforementioned Regulations would be one dangerous place to find oneself, indeed), but if you listen a bit closer, you can hear little bits of other styles mooshed into the batter as well—a teensy bit of MC5 here, a weensy bit of the Germs there, a tweensy smidge of the Voidoids, and maybe even some of the Cows’ chaos clinging to the edge of the bowl—giving you much more to marvel at. None of this means jack diddly if your sole intention is to use this disc to blast holes through the wall via your home stereo—and trust me, this CD will indeed be one fucking sweet addition to your permanent playlist—but if you’re feeling the urge to pick apart its layers while torturing the neighborhood, you might be surprised by what you hear buried under all that racket. Recommended? You bet your ass it is, kiddo.

 –jimmy ([email protected])