WE LANDED ON THE MOON!: These Little Wars: CD

Jul 29, 2010

This album has been lounging around in my review stack for a short lifetime, and now I regret not checking it out earlier. We Landed on the Moon! turns out uncluttered ‘90s-style indie rock that contains hints of low-key pop punk. (Rilo Kiley and Lemuria make credible reference points.) Loads of tender touches are scattered through These Little Wars: lush, splashy synth jump-starts “The Night Was Open,” guitars get sprightly on “Mirror, Mirror,” spunky handclaps adorn “Re: Your Letter,” and “Washing for Weeks” flutters like a melancholic prom night lullaby. Although this Baton Rouge five-piece’s tracks are tight and refined, front woman Melissa Eccles’s voice is what stands out here. Using a breathy, feminine call, she’s good at playing angsty without coming off as weak, and her wispy notes reach a tender peak at the close of “Washing for Weeks.” Recently, We Landed has been putting together some new work, and I don’t plan on sitting on their next album.

 –Reyan (myspace.com/welandedonthemoon)