WE HAVE HEAVEN: Feel the Power: LP+CD

Sep 19, 2013

Their label describes We Have Heaven as “psych drone thrashers.” The band is composed of David Kresge and Eric de Jesus on looped guitars and effects, and Kyle Page on drums. There are guest appearances by Rachel Lambdin on violin on one track, and Renee Uzardi on tabla (an Indian hand drum similar to bongos) on another. There’s not much thrashing to speak of on this. What there is, is looped guitar riffs run through a bunch of effects pedals with drums that set a beat and keep things from getting stale. If you’re looking for something low key to mellow out to We Have Heaven are divine, but if you’re looking for something that gets the fist pumping, or the head banging, you’re best to look elsewhere.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Easy Subculture)