We Fun: Atlanta, GA Inside/Out: DVD

Jul 30, 2010

We Fun is a documentary about the thriving music scene in Atlanta, GA, where there is apparently no shortage of bands featuring members with moustaches. Through interviews with bands, labels, zinesters, and scenesters, the story of Atlanta’s burgeoning indie rock underground of the past decade is told. The main appeal of this DVD for many would be its featuring of Deerhunter, the Black Lips, and Mastodon—three of Atlanta’s bigger bands of the moment—but the documentary gives equal time to local favorites like Subsonics, Carbonas, and Bobby And The Soft Spots. Some highlights include Carbonas talking about the subtle nuances of shitting in the van while on tour and the profiling of the venue known as Whirly Ball, which is located in a strip mall and has bumper cars. I’m jealous that there isn’t anything like that in my town. The live performance portions are extremely well shot, given the cramped quarters and fireworks during some of the sets featured here (namely King Khan And The Shrines). Atlanta has some really cool shit going on and We Fun is a loving testament to the DIY ethos that fuels said really cool shit. –Andy Conway (MVD)