WAY HIGH-MEN: Let’s Get Arrested: CD

Jan 24, 2008

Dirty, outlaw, stoner rock from this New Orleans via Baton RougeLouisiana band. They are sleazy and proud. The songs are tongue and cheek and over the top. Although this kinda stuff isn’t usually up my alley, these guys could grow on me. At least they don’t take themselves too seriously. They could be considered in the vein of Supersuckers, Nine Pound Hammer, and Nashville Pussy. They appreciate the down and dirty style and attitude of bands like Zeke and Honky. If you’re in the mood to tie one on and get in a fight with some rednecks in bro-dozers, these guys might whet your whistle.

 –buttertooth (www.myspace.com/thewayhighmen)

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