WATTS ENSEMBLE: Two Suites for Crime & Time: CD

Oct 16, 2009

My initial reaction to this was that it sounded like a junior high school band trying to channel their inner Henry Mancini who, in turn, is trying to channel his inner Mingus. My interest piqued ’cause this isn’t the type of music one expects from kids these days, I did a little looking into the group. So far as I am able to determine, the “Watts” in their name is actually in reference to the ensemble’s drummer and composer, Brian Watson and has little or nothing to do with anyone involved living within the boundaries of the area of Los Angeles known as Watts. Further, most of the folks pictured on their site appear to be past junior high school age. Ergo, methinks the whole thing is more than a little disingenuous in addition to being poorly executed and not very good as far as music of this type goes.

 –jimmy (Kill Shaman, no address)