Feb 05, 2009

I'm a bad person. Watch It Burn are an all right band. They're all accomplished musicians. I really liked their song "Radio Pollution." They're fun as hell to watch live – people bouncing all over the place, things getting kicked over, getting beer baths, participating in alcohol slip'n'slides, and performing mid-set liver transplants. But I still can't get over how much like they sound like Hot Water Music (the bass tone and playing style is almost identical and so are a lot of blips and bings) and how literal the lyrics are, like "this reminds me of a Jawbreaker song, that I haven't heard in so long." Strangely, I wouldn't be half as critical of them if they didn't share this with my favorite three-piece American punk band: Tiltwheel. It's the happiest desperation you're bound to hear. Damn, these three songs are a powerhouse. The lyrics make you want to kill yourself at your happiest life moment, or, conversely, see that glimmer of hope when you think the rope's choking you out. What's so cool about this triumvirate is that the three songs and three musicians all work perfectly together – fast and slow, angry and seeking penance. After listening to literally hundreds of records a year for the past eight years, Tiltwheel songs continue to always be in high rotation. It's just fantastic music, regardless of genre. Quite possibly the best band you've never heard. There's a huge interview of them on our website.

 –todd (ADD)