Jun 22, 2007

Watch It Burn are from Portland, and they play that fancy kinda post-emo punk stuff like the Hot Snakes, but with an almost-too-sappy twist a la some of the cheesier No Idea bands. Throw in a little late ‘90s Dischord and you get a pretty good idea of what Watch it Burn are going for. Nothing too crazy or original, but not bad either. Altaira sure do have a lot of records out for a band that broke up. They deliver two songs of Hot Water Music/ Avail type Florida punk rock. Some people might even call it emo, but they’re better than that. Just because you write inspiring, uplifting sounding melodies with gruffy vocals singing about life and heartache, that doesn’t make it emo. Or does it? Oh, and p.s., the last song on the Altaira side is mastered way too quiet!

 –ben (Accident Prone)