WATCH IT BURN: Radio Pollution: CD

Oct 29, 2001

Although they could rightfully be accused of standing a wee bit too close to Hot Water Music’s ring of fire (the bass tone, the dual vocals, the massive hemorrhaging of instruments into break-off vistas), Watch It Burn tweak the nipples and knobs and make their own music react in slightly new and enjoyable ways. They play so well and deliver with such conviction, that I bet if they steered out of the deep ruts of their influences they’d discover a hugely powerful sound they could brand as their own. As it stands, this CD really is very listenable, enjoyable, the title track is downright amazing (Led can sing), and I pop it on quite a bit, but I wouldn’t call it essential. It’s close. Some songs like “Mid July,” you’d have to be dead not to have the feet a-tappin’. My suggestion is simple, yet difficult. They need to make their own claim, and pay attention to music that hasn’t recently been corralled. Then cattle prod the whole deal, and (nyuk, nyuk), watch it burn.

 –todd (Rise)