WASTELAND: Self-titled: LP

Sep 11, 2012

Five years in the making, Wasteland’s posthumous full-length record is finally here, and it’s one epic slab of vinyl. Featuring current and former members of Soul Control, Relics, Mean Man’s Dream, and other Western Mass stalwarts, Wasteland tear through ten tracks of raw, blistering hardcore. Thick, chunky bass lines and guitar riffs that alternate between furious assaults and soaring melodies meet with thundering drums and throat-blistering vocals on each of these tracks. I dug the sharp political themes covered in the lyrics, especially in the track “In the Shadow of No Towers,” but would have been okay with a few less f-bombs. Not only is the LP a great listen, but it also comes with a download code for the entire Wasteland discography, remixed and remastered! Overall, this is an excellent document of a band that went too soon.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Clean Plate)

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