WASTED: Outsider by Choice: CD

The latest from this long-running band. They’ve always reminded me of Rancid, with their romanticization of struggle and the streets, poppy leanings, and U.K. influence filtered through ‘80s U.S. punk. However, Wasted are less polished, less Clash influenced, not as corny lyrically, and have a slight hardcore sound. This is a decent outing. There are some missteps, such as the ska-inflected “Doom Train.” But then you have a song like “Burn It Down,” which is the best song on here, and it definitely catches your attention with its driving tempo and tuneful style. This disc also includes their Modern World Is Dead EP, which is pretty good for this style. The recording is rougher than what’s on the Outsider by Choice album, and, as a result, has more punch.

 –M.Avrg (Combat Rock Industry, combatrockindustry.net)