To the untrained ear, this may sound like a bunch of noise. But to those of us with refined and exquisite taste in music, a band like Warvictims is noise for sure, but one hell of a glorious noise. Prolific has hell with what seems to be a good standard of quality control—they unleash another face-melting blast of D-beat raw punk. You get fourteen songs of unrelenting speed and mayhem. Distortion is high, speed even higher, urgency undeniable, and the vocals are spit out at a rapid pace, yet it’s not some grindcore burp. This is hardcore punk rock, without a doubt. They slow the pace down for a couple seconds in the middle of the song “The Face of Extinction” then open it back up full throttle. The guitar solos are short and abrasive. Seriously sounds like an air raid siren in “Skarprattarna.” All fourteen songs are solid and scorching, and, in many instances, this would get boring quick, but when done properly you’re left wanting more at the end of the ride. One of those discs where “play loud” truly applies.

 –M.Avrg (C.A.H., cahrecords.com)