WARTORN: Aftermath of a Severed World 2004-2010: LP

One of the best crust bands of the new millennium, Wartorn continued the power violence trend of the 1990s, exceeding the intensity level of a vast majority of their competition. The vocals are just plain brutal, and there are some really clever pun-infested song titles like “Wal-Martyr” and “Stillborn-Again Christian.” The LP comes with a download card that includes their entire discography, although most of the songs are also on the vinyl itself. I always felt that this type of hardcore rarely translates well in the studio, but Wartorn’s recordings are a major exception. You can listen to this in the safety of your own home, without the odors and destruction inherent in their live sets, although I think my new neighbors might disagree with that assessment as I give this LP another spin.

 –Art Ettinger (Profane Existence)