WAR/PLAGUE: Temperaments of War: 7” EP

Jan 27, 2015

War/Plague, a Minneapolis-based crust band, have created a mini-masterpiece. This song cycle is based on Hippocrates’ “Four Humors” and incorporates this philosophy of the four temperaments of health with the songs: “Blood,” “Yellow Bile,” “Black Bile,” and “Phlegm.” The Temperaments of War is an apocalyptic look at imperialism, consumption, and religion and how these things are connected to war. War/Plague uses elements of thrash, crust punk, and down-tuned guitars to create mini-epics of release and tension. One of my favorite moments is the beginning of “Blood,” which begins with the drummer pounding out a tribal-like beat, using the floor and rack toms that syncopate with the guitars. These moments make my heart race faster and my palms sweaty, which is exactly what I’m looking for in punk music. If you’re at all interested in epic crust punk, War/Plague certainly has you covered. 

 –Steve Hart (Organize And Arise)

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