WARHEAD: Self-titled: LP

Sep 02, 2015

Ohmergawwd! This is so insanely great that I am speechless. Bear with me as I stumble around for the elusive words to convince you that you need this over that one record you really thought you just had to have. Nope, you don’t need that one. You need this Warhead record first and foremost. Warhead gets a lot of respect and accolades, and listening to this scorcher of a record it’s easy to understand why. They crank it up to twelve and go for it non-stop like this is their last few minutes on earth. They don’t just play music; they attack it with a vengeance. Their fast and crazy tempos and hammering percussion sound like they’re about to topple over at any second. Their bass and guitar assault churns and grinds with no quarter. The vocalist sounds like his vocal chords are roasted. As soon as you hear the bass at the beginning of the opener “What Is You Should Believe?” you know you’re in for a cranker of an album. Each of these nine songs is like an explosion and everyone within earshot is running amok. The closer, “Don’t Give’n to Any Pressure!” is chaos personified, especially the harsh noisy ending. Classic hardcore punk from Japan today. An absolute must. 

 –M.Avrg (540, [email protected], chaosintejas.com/540)