WARHEAD: Never Give Up: LP

This LP collects Warhead’s out-of-print singles (Cry of the Truth, Drive It in Your Head and the Disorder split) and compilation appearances on one handy full length. I’m going to guess that if you are aware of who this band is and are familiar with their records that you are already putting this zine down to track this sucker down on the internet, but in case you are unaffiliated, here is the deal. Warhead started kicking around Japan around 1991 and over the following twenty some-odd years released some of the most disturbing and intense hardcore that ever came from the island. The recordings are cleaner than the bands that predated them, giving the listener the full scope of the chaos instead of burying it under noise and, despite their connections (in later incarnations) to Framtid and Gloom, the band remained their own entity and cast their own crazy curses on themselves. Their live shows have been sparse in the U.S., but those of us who have been lucky enough to witness them (saw them on the famous Forward/Tragedy tour a few years back where they (sorry guys!) blew Tragedy off the stage) have walked away just a little bit more jaded. Highest recommendations!

 –Ian Wise (Insane Society, insanesociety.net)