May 09, 2012

Glad to see Profane Existence repress this. Don’t know how I missed this when it originally came out, as Warcollapse were/are a band I was pretty into and would always get their stuff when I saw it. They play some blazing crust that stands head and shoulders over most. While they do have all the characteristics of crust core, they inject a lot more power and energy into their sound—enough to appeal to people who are more into hardcore punk, such as me. The songs move quickly, there are a lot of time changes to keep it all interesting, the playing is dynamic, you get some solos over the wall of distortion, and the drummer can bang away like his life depends on it. Listen closely and you’ll find that their songs are pretty damn catchy. If any band is going to get tagged “epic crust” then Warcollapse are deserving of the distinction. Just check out the title track! The build up and then they launch into the main body of the song. Fuggin’ gold! The lyrics to this song are great! They follow it up with songs like “Expendable” and “Fog” that musically continue along the same lines. Doing so really hooks you in and sets the mood. They do blow it all apart with blazers like “Nightstick Raids,” and “Secticide,” which is a good thing. A good album needs to have peaks and valleys and carry you through from start to finish. This record is paced well and keeps ahold of your attention throughout. A worthy addition to your sonic library.

 –M.Avrg (Profane Existence, profaneexistence.com)

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