WARCOLLAPSE: Crust as Fuck Existence: 12” EP

Mar 29, 2011

Originally released in 1995 as a CD on Distort, Barvak from Insane Society has wisely reissued this on vinyl, where it should have been all along. These four songs have aged considerably well. The overall mood of this record is very dark. Rather than hitting the listener with a bludgeoning assault, Warcollapse pull you in with two slow and forlorn songs on the A side, “It’s Time Too...” and “Massgenocide.” The music is haunting and almost quiet. Think of later period Anti-Sect and Amebix mixed with Counterblast. The title track is the speediest of the bunch, but that eventually gives way to the slower darker side. “Encaged” is noisy and thunderous, as though the gates of hell have opened and, instead of attacking in a frenzy, they let their wrath just be. Definitely a high point in the crust realm.

 –M.Avrg (Insane Society, insanesociety.net)

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