WAR ON WOMEN: Self-titled: LP

War On Women’s in-your-face, empowered attitude and visceral aural assault is a breath of fresh air when suffocated by the ignorant, sexist, hate-filled poison that floods the internet message boards and Youtube comment sections. “Is the wage gap not big enough to get your ego through?” spits Shawna Potter, taking to task workplace inequalities and willfully blind men. On “Second Wave Goodbye,” she pinpoints another target and unleashes a scathing barrage: “You’re a relic of the second wave, and we’ve waved goodbye.” Although Potter may seem divisive, she repairs the bridge: “Hey! We’re all, we’re all women.” There are a lot of exposed nerves (read: no minced words) as sexual assault, abortion, and chauvinists in ally clothing are not handled delicately. War On Women want to dig into your shoulders and jolt you awake, proof that punk can still shock in the right ways. Although the lyrics are clearly center stage, the music is an engaging mixture of Propagandhi’s metallic chug, Neighborhood Brats’ swagger, and Feral Future’s pensive poetics. Highly recommended. 

 –Sean Arenas (Bridge Nine, bridge9.com)