WAR EMBLEM: Constant Defeat: 12” EP

Mar 17, 2015

Interesting mix of early NYHC-influenced hardcore punk with some d-beat guitar stylings added in here and there for extra punch and heaviness. The bass that kicks off “So Far Gone,” as it comes in with a slide and then builds up the tempo, is glorious! It effectively grabs your attention with its dark and dirty sound. This is how bass should always sound in hardcore. The songs are on the fast and faster spectrum, but they manage to throw in a few breakdowns here and there. I do think this would be more effective if they put fewer songs on here, as some of these songs being played at the same tempo, or close to, back to back tend to start sounding like the same song. Take the songs “So Far Gone,” “Carcinogens,” “Obsessed with Death” with its lumbering pace contrasting with the faster and shorter songs, and “Hard to Swallow,” which has one of the coolest riffs I’ve heard in a while, and you would have a killer record. This is a good record that could be great with some heavy editing. 

 –M.Avrg (Protagonist, protagonistmusic.tumblr.com / Narshardaa, narshardaa.com)

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